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2007 IEMCA Mater 21




The Master 21 is designed to feed bars of up to 2 metres in length and provides the perfect solution to the problems typically associated with short bar feeders, while also offering all the productivity benefits normally found with long bar feeders.
Remnant retract
The Master 21 is the only bar feeder for bars shorter than 2 metres that is able to retract the remnants.
Increased productivity
The compact and intelligent Master 21 is capable of feeding bars at maximum speed without having to adapt bar length to the length of the lathe spindle. This greatly reduces the number of wasted remnants.
Greater flexibility
An extra front bushing gives more accurate bar feeding as well as drastically reducing the frequency at which the spindle liners need to be replaced.
Axial displacement : 600 mm
The guides are lubricated and specially designed to withstand the harsh working conditions associated with bar machining. Fully enclosed guide channel. Available with 2 standard couplings, including the new "snap-in" system for ultra-rapid guide replacement. Guaranteed fully interchangeable with previous guides.
Bar clamping device
used for bar centring/insertion and remnant retract is self-centring and completely adjustment free.
Magazine set-up
Magazine set-up is centralised and only necessary when working with bars of less than 50 mm in diameter.
Front bushing holding device
designed to permit bushing replacement in just 30 seconds.


Capacity: 3.15 

Bar Length: 78" 



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