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enshuEnshu is a world-class technology supplier headquartered in Japan. Established in 1920 as Sakamoto Enshu Koki in Hamamatsu, midway between Tokyo and Osaka, Enshu’s first products were weaving machines. Our Topco Automatic Loom was a market leader into the 1970’s.

Enshu started producing machine tools in the 1930’s, specializing in milling machines and special purpose machinery.

With the birth of the Japanese motorcycle industry and the development of CNC in the 1960’s, Enshu experienced unprecedented growth. Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha all started their operations in Hamamatsu and became major customers of Enshu.

Enshu’s reputation for process engineering for machined parts and machine design lead them to develop a division to manufacture parts at the urging of their Japanese customers, and we still manufacture components and complete assemblies in our OEM Parts Division. These endeavors have poised Enshu at a unique position in the industry because of our intimate understanding of the rigors of competitive machining.

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